Tuesday, October 28, 2008

sir, no sir

i've just been watching the trailer for "sir, no sir"-- a film about the resistance movement inside the military that grew up during the vietnam war. its not a new film-- it was produced a few years ago. but its still important (and its not a bore to watch!) and, because i'm thinking a lot these days about the "lessons of vietnam," i'm going to link to it here.

oh and Lisa Guido reminded me that i should mention contemporary parallels (instead of just suggesting them): see, for instance, the film project Soldiers Speak Out, here.

critically important. now that we have a 2nd winter soldier, i want a 2nd coffeehouse movement!


Tisa said...

Have you been watching any of the PBS series "American Experience"? I saw one recently that focused on LBJ's Presidency at the intensifying of the Vietnam war in the mid-60's, a time I clearly remember being terrified by. The parallels between then and now are astonishing, as others have been saying, but our reactions today are so much more tame. Is it a 9/11 mindset; has our saturation point been reached; or does our preoccupation with computers and technology keep us inside instead of out on the sidewalks and in the streets? Have our marches and protests turned into blogs?

guido said...

I was talking to a guy in a bar . . . he reminisced about the Vietnam era Winter Soldier hearings, without knowing about the contemporary Winter Soldier, IVAW.org et al

Here's a newish project along those lines
Soldiers Speak Out