Friday, October 03, 2008

General McClellan responds to Sarah Palin.

this is history as dumb post-Veep-debate blogosphere scorn. but it is also just really funny.

the joke, in case you're not paying as much attention to this political circus as some people are, is that Palin referred to the General leading US troops in Afghanistan right now as General McClellan instead of General McKiernan. General McClellan was actually a Civil War General. And the kids over at Pinko magazine have spoofed this. Check it out here.


Ellen said...

My favorite abuse-of-history moment in last night's debate was when she attributed the "America must be a city on a hill" quote to Ronald Reagan.

Lee's mom said...

This week a student approached our reference desk at the community college where I am a librarian and said she needed to find some information about George Washington. Said she wanted to use the Encyclopedia of the Confederacy but couldn't find anything about him in there. Where does one start? UGH

::rachel mattson:: said...

ellen: YES. i was watching the debate in a bar in rosendale and i couldn't help erupting with a scream when she said that. oh man.

and lee's mom: hi! that is VERY interesting. its the kind of mistake that i don't think students in new york would make (tho they would CERTAINLY make other equally frustrating ones...) what to do--other than good work you already do everyDAY. i'm curious to know: what did you say to that student?

Lee's mom said...

She was told by another one of our staff that perhaps she was thinking of the Revolutionary War, not the Civil War and would rather use another resource which he proceeded to go get for her. But, no, she insisted that she needed to use the one she had but would look at what he suggested. He handed her the "W" volume of the World Book, turned to the entry she needed, and a big smile erupted as well as instant recognition that she had found exactly what she needed--a picture.