Wednesday, May 11, 2011

another reason to love Bill Cronon

You might have heard of the historian William Cronon in the aftermath of the Wisconsin protests this spring; he was the university professor whose emails were subjected to an FOIA request after he spoke out against the governor's plan to strip teachers of collective bargaining and other rights. (For more info on him, and this story, see here and here.)

But Cronon is also a hero of mine, and has been since grad school, for being a really superb historian who writes about the past in a complicated way through beautiful stories. He has, in fact, written about how important stories are for understanding the past, on several occasions. Anyhow, but that's not what I want to say right here right now. What I want to say is this: I just found the "teaching resources" on his website, including a comprehensive section about learning historical research, and i am very very excited about them. They are smart and useful. I think I might force my history teaching methods students to make use them in their work next semester.

That's all.

Oh, also, on a personal note, I fell asleep meditating this morning. Sigh.

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